The Calendar

Why a blog about what happened at the lake?

My grandmother (and namesake of our daughter Margaret) at some point wanted to keep track of who had been to visit, when the dock went in, what generally was going on at the lake since it was shared amongst both her and my grandfather and their kids. The solution found was an over sized desk calendar that she would sit down and write on at the end of every day or before they packed up and left.

All my childhood I remember the grand calendar hanging on the wall, and the ceremony of replacing the calendar every spring when Grandpa and I would go to get the lake “open”, turn on the water and clean the yard up and prepare for the first weekends in the spring.

As the years went on calendars arrived from various people, I remember several being gifts from my dad who would get them from trucking companies or suppliers at work. Arguments over when the dock went in/out or who came for the fourth that year were settled by a trip into the closet for a calendar to appear and confirm, no, uncle Sam had not made it out for the celebration in question.

After the handoff to grandchildren I struggled to keep the calendar traditional alive, several undocumented years exist now sadly. After trying a book version we settled on a digital version for both ease of use, enhanced multi-media capability (photos and videos that are in context with the entries seem to be a big positive) and ease of sharing with those who might care to read about a visit.