September to Now

September to Now

We’ve had a time warp. On September 9th 2019 the lake flooded. I’ll post pictures of the actual flood but for now here is where we sit.

We’ve gotten a new meter and box from Sioux Valley electric so we now have access to 200 AMP electrical service and the trailer has power for the first time since September.

I fired up the sewage lift pump and it did run (thankfully) but did not turn off (sadly). The Sanitary district comes tomorrow to take a look.

The water pump is a goner, as is the AC condenser, plans are underway to future-flood-proof both replacements.

The deck survived fine, just lost the remaining lumber to finish it, no big deal to get replacement.

The house itself fared OK, the water got high enough to pull down the insulation and belly plastic, as well as destroy some vents. We’ll have to address all of that this spring. The skirting is destroyed, though I’m not losing sleep over that. I loaded up the skirting and took it to Colton to dispose of it.

The grass is very rough, as is the beach.

Plans are forming for repair and rebuild. Hopefully soon we’ll have more work to share.

One moment of excitement: a cow got out from the feed lot on the way down to the lake and I kept more from getting out and kept the one that did get out in place until Tim & Lori came and got it back in and repaired the fence.


Cool and cloudy, mid 50’s for a high. Calm winds.