Pump House Hijinx

Pump House Hijinx

Chris spent most of the afternoon in Colton cutting up 4×4, 2×4 and decking boards to make the skeleton of a pump house. He then brought the pieces along with almost all the plumbing fittings he needed to set up the new pump house. Instead of hiding the pump under the trailer the new plan is to have it above the possible flood water in a seperate pump house at the end of the trailer.

After making some progress Chris got a migrane and retreated to Madison for dinner and some recovery. Chris, Michelle, William and Margaret all returned after dinner to keep going on the project.

New Dave provided some suggestions and tools for removing the broken PVC from the bladder tank and Chris and Michelle got the basics of the pump house put together, noting the few fittings Chris would need the next day.

William and Margaret played on the beach and splashed and stomped their rain boots in the lake. On the way out the two sections of walk way that were still missing were noted as found on the pile by the feed lot from the flood cleanup so those will make their way back home soon.

William and Margaret both voiced their preference to stay and not go home. Sadly with no water, no gas and no AC the family was trotted home.


Warm, Humid and cloudy, upper 60s for a high. Calm winds from the South.


Chris, Michelle, William, Margaret Uthe.