Birthday Bonanza

Birthday Bonanza

Chris’s Birthday celebration kicked off at about 11 with Chris, Michelle, William and Michelle arriving. Nate and Emily arrived a few minutes behind them. The kids immediately got into the water and Chris started installing the battery powered boat lift drive.

Grandma Julie, Grandpa Doug, Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Wayne arrived shortly after the others with the Whitcombs being the last to arrive around 2. Grandpa Doug and Grandpa Wayne grilled steaks while Emily and Michelle baked Chris a cake. Dinner was had and more water fun was embarked on. The grandpa’s went to Madison to get a battery for the boat lift, which resulted in a working boat lift.

All the kids got Jetski rides and then the boat was lowered for some tubing. The four oldest Whitcombs tubed, with even Justin getting some tube action for the first time.

Clean up and cake followed with everyone heading home.


It was sunny, in the low 80’s with a stronger north western breeze. The wind subsided by 5:00. The water was very clear due to the wind. Yard is growing some new grass where it got seeded.


Chris Uthe, Michelle Uthe, William Uthe, Margaret Uthe, Julie & Doug Caron, Nate & Emily Anderson, Wayne Mader & Kathy Uthe, Jennifer, Justin, Grayson, Izzy, Gibson, Emerson & Maddie Whitcomb.