5th of July

Fourth of July was spent away from the lake at the Caron’s but the 5th saw the Uthe’s (Chris, Michelle, William, Margaret) arrive at the lake to prepare for guests. The Caron’s (Doug, Julie) came along with the Anderson’s (Nate, Emily, Luke, Bonnie, Peder) for an afternoon of water and food.

The kids played in the water and rode jetski and Chris grill brats and hamburgers for a late lunch. Lunch was interrupted by a very heavy downpour as a thunderstorm went through.

Once the rain gave way the boat went out for tubing. Nate and Emily tubed with Margaret and William, and then Nate, Emily and Luke did some tubing. Rain once again broke out, followed by a leisurely boat ride to fill with gas.

Everyone packed up and headed home by 8.


It was mostly sunny, in the upper 80’s with variable winds mostly low from the south, trailing off by 4:00. A couple isolated thunderstorms rolled through and heavy rain was observed.


The Uthes (Chris, Michelle, William, Margaret), The Carons (Doug, Julie), The Anderons (Nate, Emily), The Andersons (Peder, Bonnie, Luke)