Fathers Day Fun

Fathers day started with Michelle, William and Margaret arriving first, getting some food unloaded and Chris arriving later. The kids beelined strait for the water after sunscreen and were having a great time when the Koch’s arrived.

The kochs arrived with excitement and more water was the destination for the kids. The Dad’s utilized Kelly’s side by side and moved walk ways into position. Baby Oliver got some outside time with Mom under the umbrella, which seemed to make for some good sleepy times. Arlo helped dad’s move pieces by being the official horn honker for the side by side.

Lunch was cooked up: hot dogs, chips and fruit. After lunch Will & Elsie wanted to go for a tube ride. This was the first solo tube ride for them together and they did great behind the jetski! The younger kids napped while the tubing took place.

During tubing Grandpa Doug called and wanted to put the boat in the water so Kelly & Chris ran across the lake and helped him launch it and got it on the lift.

After even MORE tubing there was a storm across the lake resulting in lightening and a pause to water activities while dinner was made.

Brats were grilled and boiled in beer and onions served with kraut and fixings, slow cooker potatoes and the rest of the essentials.

Dinner was followed by more tubing, jet ski rides for Arlo and Margaret and then clean up and bath time before everyone departed.


It was sunny, in the low 80’s with variable winds mostly low from the west, shifting to from the north east by evening.


The Uthe’s (Chris, Michelle, William, Margaret), The Koch’s (Kelly, Alicia, Elsie, Arlo, Oliver), The Caron’s (Doug, Julie)