Sunday Splashes

Chris ran to Colton this morning to build a roof for the pump house, did so, strapped it to the small trailer and met Michelle, William and Margaret out at the lake around 1:30.

The kids at some Dairy Queen prior upon arrival and then set about getting sun screened and into the water/onto the beach. Chris worked to level the 4 4×4 posts that the top of the pump house would have to sit on as best he could. With Michelle’s help while the kids played they got the pump house top on.

The kids enjoyed the beach and water all afternoon. The carp were spawning in the shallows and put on quite a show. Chris fired the grill up and got it good and hot to get rid of any post-flood funkies. After setting the east wall of the parking pad and getting the rest of the dock tops on he grilled burgers and hot dogs while Michelle finished raking the beach and cutting up watermelon.

After dinner the kids played for a little while longer then picked up the beach and headed in. Baths were done at the lake as the water heater at the house in Madison was not working. After baths and cleanup everyone headed for Madison.


Warm, Humid early and mostly sunny, low 70s for a high. Winds from the southwest changing to north/northeast.


Chris, Michelle, William, Margaret Uthe.