Aquatic Emanations

Chris got an early start after making a trip to Campbell’s supply and Colton for parts (he forgot some in Colton, naturally). After getting some work done until about 1 Michelle and the kids arrived with a picnic lunch. Work continued on the pump house into the afternoon with start up around 4 after Michelle made a quick trip back to town for 1 inch PVC pipe. A new type of sediment filter was tried this year, so far so good.

The pump took prime easily and filled the house/water heater quickly. After getting to pressure it kicked off but appeared to lose prime somewhat before next kick in, taking a few minutes to start pushing water and filling the lines with air in the mean time. Several items were checked and tightened but the culprit for losing prime was not found. One big leak was identified and not fixed on the pump. Both toilets are having issues filling, the back one never shuts off the front one fills VERY slowly.

The kids played on the beach and in the water until they could barely stand. Margaret skipped nap time for more water time.

Dinner was ordered for carry out from the Hillside. Burgers, chicken strips and chislic. After dinner everything was picked up and covered for rain storms tonight and in the morning and the Uthe’s headed for home.


Very Warm, Humid and mostly sunny, mid 70s for a high. Calm to semicalm winds from the South.


Chris, Michelle, William, Margaret Uthe.