A Holiday Approaches

Chris brought out a new 3/4 HP well pump, a new sediment filter and some landscaping materials. 65 eight foot green treated 5×5 landscape timbers to create a parking pad and a lower bound for the new skirting.

Lance had come by with the barge and put the dock and boat lift in. Chris found the two poles for the piece of walk way that goes up to the dock but the walkway itself is still MIA so we will likely have to build a new one. The old one had nice decking on it but was not made of green treat and had rotted pretty quickly.

What grass is left will need to be trimmed and the walk way pieces sorted back out and put down the sand. The Jetski lift is still in the yard as well.


Mid 60’s a breeze out of the northwest. Very cloudy, occasional spits of rain with 100% humidity all day.


Chris Uthe