4th Down

Weekend 4/5 in August started Friday with Michelle and I dropping things off and picking up kids from Grandma’s. Dinner at the Hillside turned into William staying with Grandma over night. Margaret and Michelle and I made our way back to the lake for the night.


Saturday morning breakfast was followed by Michelle’s friend Sara and her son Cash coming to visit. Cash and Margaret got some good quality play time in outside in the yard and sand before coming in due to wind and temperature. Lunch was BLT’s and Cash played outside while Margaret napped. I went to re-supply in town and pick up William from Grandma and Grandpa Caron’s. After we got back we made steaks, sweet corn and shrimp scampi for dinner. Grandma and Grandpa joined us late for dinner. Sara and Cash returned to Sioux Falls for the night.


Chris/Michelle/William/Margaret Uthe, Sara and Cash, Doug and Julie Caron.


Windy from the south and chilly in mid 70’s. Mostly cloudy with a few splashes of sunshine.