Kathy sits in oversized leather furniture in the living room at the lake

New living room furniture

DING DONG the futons are dead. Chris was more excited than is rational as a summer long plan finally got executed to replace the futons. Kathy, Margaret and Chris picked up the leather love seat, chair and footstool original to his bachelor pad and delivered it to the lake along with the glider from Grandma and Grandpa’s apartment. After loading up Kathy’s suburban at Chris’ house a stop at the shipwreck for dinner (two for one burger night!) was closely followed by some unloading at the lake.

Kathy enjoys the new-to-the-lake leather furniture.

After Michelle and William stopped after VBS for an inspection and approval the futons were brought home and given away via Facebook marketplace.


It was cloudy, in the mid to low 70’s with a north breeze. The water was crystal clear at 7:00 PM, same as the previous Sunday. Yard is finally firming up, we were able to back the suburban and Rav4 up to the deck.


Kathy Uthe, Chris Uthe, Michelle Uthe, William Uthe, Margaret Uthe.