Prime August

Chris/Michelle/William/Margaret arrived with Cassie on Friday night.

Saturday morning William and Chris went to get Kelly’s side by side to help put in the jetski the flyboard is attached to. Later that day Peter, Ivy, Kelly, Alicia, Elsie and Arlo arrived. Chris took Peter and Ivy flyboarding, getting both up out of the water pretty quickly and easily. Once Kelly arrived from work their flyboarding took a turn for the better as smaller boots were fitted. Ivy showed great progress and quickly found herself easily hovering and flying around. Dinner included sausage and cheese stuffed sweet peppers, hamburgers, brats and hot dogs with grill potatoes and grilled pineapple. After dinner more flyboarding, cleanup and everyone but the Uthe’s left.

Ivy Getting the hang of the Flyboard

Sunday saw the return of Kelly and Alicia with Elsie and Arlo. Some beach time along with some play inside for the kids. Kelly took Chris flyboarding during the kids naps. Lunch was steak/salads/fruit. After nap Alicia and Michelle took Elsie and Will to their first night of VBS while Kelly and Chris cleaned up and closed up for the weekend.


Swirling winds but warm temperatures. Cloud cover much of Sunday. Storms overnight Saturday saw us wake up to a completely clear lake Sunday morning.


Peter & Ivy French, Kelly Koch, Alicia Koch, Elsie Koch, Arlo Koch, Chris Uthe, Michelle Uthe, William Uthe, Margaret Uthe